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Teradata error 3 – 6 Messages

Teradata code 3 – 6 Messages

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08029 The LAN message ByteVar is invalid.

Explanation: The ByteVar value passed in the LAN header contains a value that does not match the value the gateway expects. If the message is a reconnect, the value of ByteVar should be either 0 or 1.

Generated By: Gateway

For Whom: Field Engineer

Remedy: Correct the ByteVar and retry the reconnect request.

More information

Teradata error SPL5010: %s:E(L%d), Using is not allowed in cursor '%s'.

Teradata error 207 EM_NETCONN Error in doing a network connect.

Teradata error 3934 Session is in wrong state for cleanup request.

Teradata error 3 – 8 Messages

Teradata error SEQNUM(xx)

Teradata error 5 – 80 Messages

Teradata error 9013 Invalid alternate parcel header sent by host.


Teradata error 7874 GLOP data length not provided.

Teradata error SQLSTATE is: %VSTR.

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