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Teradata error 5 – 58 Messages

Teradata code 5 – 58 Messages

Error description

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0xe3000140 Setting of P and G keys in security context using TD1 algorithm APIs failed.

Explanation: Error in setting the P and G keys obtained from the server either due to an invalid P key index or algorithm context corruption.

Generated By: TDGSS TD1 authentication method.

For Whom: System Support Representative.

Notes: Error occured.

The associated stack trace will help the Global Support Center determine the exact cause of the failure.

Remedy: Contact the Global Support Center.

More information


Teradata error 9344 Invalid expression with AS OF clause.

Teradata error TPT3332 Error: Internal error: an invalid expression object was encountered. The job is terminated.

Teradata error 10808 The channel count parameter or returning value exceeded the maximum value, or

Teradata error 9447 Override Insert Constraint privilege is required for specifying a value for constraint column

Teradata error 120 ER_CONNECT Cannot connect with remote DBC.

Teradata error 3267 No sessions meet the Abort criteria.

Teradata error The %s column no longer exists in the selected %s.

Teradata error 19 File name too long

Teradata error 6011 Vproc Number is invalid.

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errors 5 – 5*

Teradata Database Errors