Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error 7 Invalid pmFp parameter

Teradata code 7 Invalid pmFp parameter

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: An invalid file identifying token has been passed to the DataConnector by the utility.

Remedy: Refer problem to client utility.

More information

Teradata error 14010 Bad vproc id passed as parameter:%s

Teradata error 7 Invalid pmFp parameter

Teradata error 3615 Statement not permitted during Fast Load.

Teradata error 19 File name too long

Teradata error 18 The DataConnector version is incompatible with Client

Teradata error 2780 USI row has duplicate key.

Teradata error TPT3334 Error: Internal error: an invalid predicate expression object was encountered. The job is

Teradata error 224 EM_NOHOST Name not in HOSTS file or names data base.

Teradata error 5 – 8 Messages

Teradata error 4 – 288 Messages

Error category

errors 7 Inv*

Teradata Database Errors