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Teradata error 7415 Probable stale message (WorkID mismatch)

Teradata code 7415 Probable stale message (WorkID mismatch)

Error description

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Explanation: A DBS message failed to match the expected work ID, indicating that it is probably a so-called stale message improperly left over from another DBS step. Since a stale message means that DBS processing protocols may have been compromised, this error causes a system restart.

Generated By: AMP software

For Whom: Site support representative.

Notes: This error is generated by the message sanity check routine AwtMatch, typically used to verify that the work ID in a received message matches the one in its known ancestor message. Since the system message header containing this work

ID is normally copied into spawned, redistributed or response messages generated by a DBS step, the work ID in all these messages should match the one in the original step.

Remedy: 1) Save the crashdump for offloading. 2) Have all traceback information ready. 3) Then call your Support Representative.

More information

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