Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error 7424 Internal GMO error occurred.

Teradata code 7424 Internal GMO error occurred.

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: An internal error has occurred in one of the GMO services.

Generated By: sssconfg

For Whom: Field Engineer.

Notes: The GMO services are used manage the DBS logical configuration maps.

Remedy: Contact a field engineer.

More information

Teradata error SEQNUM(xx)

Teradata error 16010 No SAM_MULTIPATH cylinders available.

Teradata error 3106 Either AMPStepsLength or RespStepsLength is bad in DSPHdr.

Teradata error 13003 this is a non-TPA node.

Teradata error TPT3167 Error: Rule: VIA Clause

Teradata error TPT19128 !ERROR! Attribute ’%s’ conflicts with ’%s’

Teradata error 2578 Shutdown DBS and rebuild the DOWN amp in the cluster.

Teradata error TPT2512 Error: It is not possible to call %s at this point

Teradata error 131 ER_NODATA Data is not here yet.

Teradata error 3190 Access to utility %VSTR denied.

Error category

errors 74*

Teradata Database Errors