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Teradata error 7488 ErrAmpFailInfo

Teradata code 7488 ErrAmpFailInfo

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: Special event code used for logging amp failure information.

Generated By: AMP error event handler.

For Whom: Site support representative.

Notes: This error code is used to mark amp crash information added to the system error log by the v2r4 fault isolation feature. It is used for diagnostics purposes only and, unlike the ERRAMPFAILABORT error above, is never returned as a failure code to an aborted user query.

When used as the event code key in the software event log or the related streams log display, the ERRAMPFAILINFO code is always coupled with another error code for the amp failure that caused the associated crash.

Remedy: See the remedy section for the associated crash code.

More information

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