Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error SQL conversion scripts to complete the restore: %s.

Teradata code SQL conversion scripts to complete the restore: %s.

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: After the successful restore of database DBC in a cross release restore scenario, the ARC job is interrupted with FATAL error because a manual intervention step is required. The indicated conversion script must be run to complete the restore. The DBC database itself has been restored successfully and should not be re-restored after running the conversion script, otherwise the entire restore process must be repeated. After the successful completion of the conversion script, other user databases and tables may be restored.

For Whom: End User.

Notes: This is a FATAL error.

Remedy: Run conversion script.

More information

Teradata error 5322 The specified constraint name ’%VSTR’ does not exist.

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Teradata error TPT13106 No DML options were supplied from the infrastructure

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Teradata error 8103 Out of client context blocks.


Teradata error 5183 An invalid WAL Data Block has been discovered.

Teradata error 2838 Table is unhashed; no data dumped.

Teradata error 8252 Illegal use or invalid sequence of parcels.

Teradata error SQLSTATE is: %VSTR.

Error category

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Teradata Database Errors