Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error SQLSTATE is: %VSTR.

Teradata code SQLSTATE is: %VSTR.

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: If the a XSP submits an SQL request to the database it should not exit (return) until the SQL request completes.

Doing so will generate this error and cause the transaction to be rolled back. It maters not whether the XSP is returning an error, warning or no error SQLSTATE. This condition will override any XSP generated error.

Generated By: UDF Subsystem

For Whom: XSP Developer

Remedy: To avoid this situation don’t just return from the XSP without making sure that an SQL request submitted by the XSP has completed.

More information

Teradata error 5555 Excessively complex qualify condition.

Teradata error 8125 Requested operation is not ReadOnly.

Teradata error TPT3590 Error: in PERIOD datatype. Length specified must be a value between 0-6.

Teradata error 7711: MDS received unexpected message after the RepPhase1 message.

Teradata error TPT17101 Fatal error received from ODBC driver: STATE=%s, CODE=%ld, MSG=’%s’


Teradata error TPT3030 Error: Scale of DECIMAL column exceeds precision. Specification is rejected.

Teradata error 17 Buffer overflow

Teradata error Source length: . Storage size: .

Teradata error 6 File is open for read operations only

Error category

errors SQLST*

Teradata Database Errors