Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error System.

Teradata code System.

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: The user is attempting to execute a Java XSP/UDF.

Generated By: RES modules.

For Whom: End User.

Remedy: Submit the request on a different Operating System.

More information

Teradata error 6024 Configuration map is inconsistent.

Teradata error 239 EM_RETMGSSRSPFAIL SSO response parcel retmsg failed.

Teradata error 6683 RSG has detected an existing data connection to the Replication Group.

Teradata error The expression is rejected

Teradata error 5149 The Cylinder Index block code or version number is invalid.

Teradata error 2916 Restore of a permanent journal was not complete.

Teradata error 19 File name too long

Teradata error 19 File name too long

Teradata error TDP3300 SYSTEM LOG IS NOT AVAILABLE, INFO(code)

Teradata error TPT18146 Error %d allocating memory for Error List buffer

Error category

errors Syste*

Teradata Database Errors