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Teradata error TDP9904 SVC INTERFACE ABEND


Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: The SVC interface to TDP has abnormally terminated.

Generated By: TDP.

Notes: This condition is indicated by a system dump rather than a message.

Remedy: Collect diagnostic information (including the memory dump, if any) and contact Customer Support personnel.

More information

Teradata error TDP1380 cmdname FAILED FOR devicename

Teradata error 5894 The SELECT AND CONSUME statement is not referencing a queue table.

Teradata error 7905 Internal error: OCES session initialization error.

Teradata error 3802 Database ’%VSTR’ does not exist.

Teradata error TDP2710 THE operand VALUE IS TOO LONG

Teradata error 5950 ADD RANGE level %VSTR exceeds the current number of partitioning levels.

Teradata error 12301 Trace collection prematurely terminated due to %s PDE error event code: %d OS event code:

Teradata error TPT3077 Error: Rule: DEFINE DBMS

Teradata error TDP9001E ttt LOGOFF FAILED, CODE=ccc, ASID=aaaa. JOB=jjjjjjj. ssssssss.pppppppp

Teradata error 3 – 6 Messages

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