Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error TERMINATING

Teradata code TERMINATING

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: TDPSTATS incurred an unrecoverable error and will terminate. Restart will not be permitted without recycling


Generated By: TDP.

Notes: None.

Remedy: Check the TDP job log for additional system information.

More information

Teradata error 3418 Invalid logoff flag in the request parcel.

Teradata error 7902 Internal error: Cost profile type name not in data dictionary.

Teradata error 5621 User has not been granted a specified role.

Teradata error TPT2596 Error: DSAC_DataStreamSingularOutput::write - Not in open state

Teradata error 5 – 24 Messages

Teradata error TPT3285 Error: Internal error: function px_ucnv_toUChars: unequal input and output character counts

Teradata error TDP2720 READ FAILED FOR name, CODE(code), INFO(info)

Teradata error 6832 UDT %VSTR already exists.

Teradata error TDP2806 MISSING CONTINUATION FOR name

Teradata error TERMINATING

Error category

errors TERMI*

Teradata Database Errors