Teradata Database Errors

Teradata error TPT3222 Error: Rule: CASE Expression

Teradata code TPT3222 Error: Rule: CASE Expression

Error description

error explanation...

Explanation: A TPT process, task, component or function encountered an unanticipated and unrecoverable error, with the result that some necessary internal operation could not be successfully completed, and job execution could not continue.

Generated By: TPT Infrastructure

For Whom: TPT Job Submitter

Remedy: Contact the Global Support Center. Please be prepared to furnish the job log and the job script file, with any sensitive information x’ed out.

More information

Teradata error TERMINATING

Teradata error 5 – 66 Messages

Teradata error SUFFIX

Teradata error 11017 Flavor contains an invalid value.

Teradata error 7509 Result Exceeded maximum length for UDF/XSP/UDM %DBID.%TVMID.

Teradata error 3 – 4 Messages

Teradata error SELECT-INTO statement.

Teradata error TPT4143 Error: %s: Syntax Error: literal string (DBS table name) expected.

Teradata error The %s column no longer exists in the selected %s.

Teradata error TPT19120 !ERROR! %s feature requires REGULAR file names. ’%s’ is not a REGULAR file.

Error category

errors TPT32*

Teradata Database Errors