Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors 92*

Errors starting with: errors 92*

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errors 92*

Teradata error 9200 Roles for proxy users must be internal roles.

Teradata error 9201 Too many proxy users listed in GRANT/REVOKE statement.

Teradata error 9202 Application Proxy Users must have roles.

Teradata error 9203 Connect Through has not been granted to %VSTR through %FSTR.

Teradata error 9204 The role has not been granted to the proxy user.

Teradata error 9205 ProxyRole must be a role in the connect through privilege.

Teradata error 9206 Setting both a session and txn proxy user at the same time is not supported.

Teradata error 9207 PROXYROLE can only be set in a proxy connection.

Teradata error 9208 SET ROLE is not supported in a proxy connection.

Teradata error 9210 COMPILE ONLY operation not permitted on a Java UDF/XSP.

Teradata error 9211 Session mode does not match PPI session mode.

Teradata error 9212 Illegal use of %DBID.%TVMID. The table or join index has a type of partitioning not supported

Teradata error 9213 Connect Through privilege for %VSTR not found.

Teradata error 9214 Duplicate proxy user name %VSTR.

Teradata error 9215 Maximum roles for proxy user %VSTR exceeded.

Teradata error 9216 Source and target table definitions did not match.

Teradata error 9217 Attempt to access a down Table or Index

Teradata error 9219 Query executed in degraded mode without using the index

Teradata error 9220 Ruleset already exists for replication group.

Teradata error 9221 Ruleset does not exist for replication group.

Teradata error 9222 LIKE/NOT LIKE pattern string length is too long.

Teradata error 9223 Conflict detected for an object rule defined.

Teradata error 9224 Invalid SET SESSION SUBSCRIBER option is specified. It can either be ON or OFF.

Teradata error 9225 Object name can not match capture rule from multiple replication groups.

Teradata error 9226 Replicated table cannot contain %VSTR data type columns.

Teradata error 9235 DBC is not supported as the trusted or proxy user.

Teradata error 9236 Connect Through has been revoked for PROXYUSER %VSTR.

Teradata error 9238 Cannot DROP a user that is a ProxyUser in a Connect Through privilege.

Teradata error 9239 Cannot modify the logon user when in a proxy connection.

Teradata error 9240 Cannot alter the protection mode of a Java UDF/XSP to NOT PROTECTED.

Teradata error 9241 Check output for possible warnings encountered in Installing or Replacing a JAR.

Teradata error 9242 The partitioning expression references a column that is not defined for this table.

Teradata error 9243 Field mode is not supported in FastExport.

Teradata error 9244 Unable to revalidate PPI table header.

Teradata error 9245 The maximum number of concurrent allowable Variant_Type UDT instances has been

Teradata error 9246 Incorrect usage of Variant_Type parameters: %VSTR

Teradata error 9247 One or more objects reconciled to an earlier or same date or timestamp.

Teradata error 9248 Object is not associated with CURRENT_DATE or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

Teradata error 9249 The altering of RANGE_N definition with CURRENT_DATE/CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is not

Teradata error 9250 External Stored Procedure %VSTR in language %FSTR does not exist.

Teradata error 9251 Source table field list did not match with Target table field list.

Teradata error 9252 An invalid statement was attempted on a table without a primary index: %VSTR.

Teradata error 9253 Invalid range specified for partitioning expression caused numeric overflow.

Teradata error 9254 Internal error: Intermediate file not created while compiling stored procedure.

Teradata error 9255 Recreate the join index in order to reflect the base table compression changes to the join

Teradata error 9256 FastExport No Spooling mode is not supported for Select statement.

Teradata error 9258 AT clause is incompatible with specified data type.

Teradata error 9259 Statement Error occurred in the iterated or multistatement request.

Teradata error 9260 The specified MERGEBLOCKRATIO value is invalid.

Teradata error 9261 Stored procedure compiled with empty SPL file.

Teradata error 9262 Cannot END QUERY LOGGING as no rule exists on %VSTR.

Teradata error 9263 Cannot Proceed with DBC Restore, Users other than DBC are logged on.

Teradata error 9264 SET QUERY_BAND not permitted.

Teradata error 9266 Operation is not allowed on an SQL UDF ’%VSTR’.

Teradata error 9267 A nondeterministic SQL expression passed as an argument to an SQL UDF cannot

Teradata error 9268 An SQL UDF cannot be used inside a table/join index/index type.

Teradata error 9270 SQL UDF cannot be used as an ordering, cast, or transform function.

Teradata error 9271 The creator does not have %VSTR privilege.

Teradata error 9285 System-defined join index row has same row as previous row.

Teradata error 9286 System-defined join index row out of order.

Teradata error 9287 Primary system-defined join index row is on wrong AMP

Teradata error 9288 Fallback system-defined join index row is on wrong AMP.

Teradata error 9289 Fallback system-defined join index row is in wrong subtable.

Teradata error 9290 Closed row found in system-defined join index.

Teradata error 9291 Data row not indexed by system-defined join index.

Teradata error 9292 Data row indexed multiple times by system-defined join index.

Teradata error 9293 System-defined join index row indexes non existent data row.

Teradata error 9294 Warning: Skipping system-defined join index validation.

Teradata error 9295 System-defined join index data row hash code is incorrect.

Teradata error 9296 Data subtable count does not match system-defined join index row count.

Teradata error 9297 Data row indexed by system-defined join index row with incorrect key.

Teradata error 9298 System-defined join index row has duplicate key with overlapping time values.

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Teradata error TPT1408 Error: Failed to connect to the socket %d, System errno: %d (%s)

Teradata error 2651 Operation Error computing expression involving %TVMID.%FLDID.

Teradata error SUFFIX

Teradata error 5 – 56 Messages


Teradata error 3840 Teradata has been restarted as requested by the user.

Teradata error TDP3300 SYSTEM LOG IS NOT AVAILABLE, INFO(code)

Teradata error 6606 Not enough space was provided to receive the data into

Teradata error TPT4147 Error: Operator ’%s’, the referenced source of the SELECT statement schema basis for

Teradata error TPT2002 Error: TWB_ROOT environment variable is not defined.

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