Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors 93*

Errors starting with: errors 93*

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errors 93*

Teradata error 9301 EXPAND ON clause is non-ANSI.

Teradata error 9302 Specified expression for an EXPAND ON clause does not have a PERIOD data type.

Teradata error 9303 EXPAND ON clause must not be specified in a query expression with no table references.

Teradata error 9304 Invalid EXPAND ON column number.

Teradata error 9305 Invalid data type in anchored EXPAND ON clause.

Teradata error 9307 Invalid use of the expanded column name.

Teradata error 9308 Some rows in the expanded result may have expanded period duration less than the interval

Teradata error 9309 Invalid expression for ANCHOR/INTERVAL in the BY clause.

Teradata error 9310 Invalid argument to a business calendar UDF.

Teradata error 9311 Calendar does not exist.

Teradata error 9316 Duplicated ’%VSTR’ attribute is specified.

Teradata error 9317 A queue table cannot be temporal.

Teradata error 9318 A table without a primary index can not be a temporal table.

Teradata error 9319 A unique primary index is not permitted on a temporal table.

Teradata error 9320 The table already has a %VSTR column.

Teradata error 9321 A temporal column cannot be added to a table which has a referential integrity constraint.

Teradata error 9322 A temporal attribute is not allowed on a table with a unique primary index.

Teradata error 9324 Cannot add ValidTime column to the table: %VSTR.

Teradata error 9325 Table structure is altered to add %VSTR column and no qualifier is defined for this time

Teradata error 9326 Cannot add TransactionTime column to the table: %VSTR.

Teradata error 9327 An existing column can not be altered to be a temporal column.

Teradata error 9328 History rows in a table with TransactionTime cannot be modified.

Teradata error 9329 A temporal column cannot be dropped. The table has %VSTR.

Teradata error 9330 ValidTime qualifier requires at least one table with ValidTime.

Teradata error 9331 TransactionTime qualifier requires at least one table with TransactionTime.

Teradata error 9334 Invalid constraint definition.

Teradata error 9335 Rows cannot be deleted from a table with TransactionTime.

Teradata error 9336 Temporal column cannot be used in constraint definition.

Teradata error 9337 ValidTime column must be defined as NOT NULL for the specified primary key.

Teradata error 9338 Secondary indexes cannot be created on a system-defined join index.

Teradata error 9340 Nontemporal operations are disabled.

Teradata error 9341 NONTEMPORAL privilege is invalid in %VSTR logging statement.

Teradata error 9342 Invalid use Of UNTIL_CLOSED.

Teradata error 9343 Period of applicability must not reference columns.

Teradata error 9344 Invalid expression with AS OF clause.

Teradata error 9345 Invalid temporal qualifier is specified.

Teradata error 9347 This form of sequenced operation is not allowed.

Teradata error 9350 Referenced column in the period of applicability is not part of the select list.

Teradata error 9351 Referenced column in the period of applicability is ambiguous.

Teradata error 9352 Invalid use of AS OF clause.

Teradata error 9353 Multiple tables must not be specified with a sequenced TransactionTime qualifier.

Teradata error 9354 Invalid temporal qualifier in the query statement.

Teradata error 9356 Table %VSTR does not support the ValidTime. ValidTime qualifier is invalid.

Teradata error 9357 Normalize option is invalid. %VSTR.

Teradata error 9358 Values cannot be assigned to a TransactionTime column.

Teradata error 9359 Invalid temporal qualifier for INSERT statement.

Teradata error 9360 ValidTime column name is invalid in the column list for a sequenced insert-select statement.

Teradata error 9361 Table %VSTR does not support TransactionTime. NONTEMPORAL qualifier is invalid.

Teradata error 9362 Invalid value specified for the TransactionTime column.

Teradata error 9363 Temporal column reference in %VSTR is invalid.

Teradata error 9367 Specified ValidTime qualifier does not match with the qualifier of the updateable cursor select

Teradata error 9368 The temporal request violates CURSOR semantics.

Teradata error 9369 Period of applicability does not result in a valid period data type.

Teradata error 9370 A Global Temporary Trace table can not be temporal.

Teradata error 9371 Invalid use Of UNTIL_CHANGED.

Teradata error 9374 A system-defined join index cannot be altered.

Teradata error 9375 The temporal qualifier of the updatable cursor is not CURRENT.

Teradata error 9376 The temporal request violates cursor semantics.

Teradata error 9377 Diagnostic OLDREWRITES not allowed when the query contains Temporal Tables.

Teradata error 9378 Operation is not permitted for replication.

Teradata error 9379 Temporal constraint cannot include time dimension columns.

Teradata error 9380 System-defined join index can not be created on a table with unresolved RI.

Teradata error 9383 A SET temporal table is not yet supported.

Teradata error 9385 TEMPORAL_DATE/TEMPORAL_TIMESTAMP are not allowed in load operation.

Teradata error 9386 Table structure is altered to remove temporal column.

Teradata error 9387 Invalid use of system added temporal column.

Teradata error 9388 Value assigned to VT column should not contain CURRENT_DATE or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

Teradata error 9389 A TRC column can not be modified/dropped. The table has a constraint defined.

Teradata error 9390 Only one column can be defined as TRC column.

Teradata error 9391 MultiLoad utility does not support load operations on temporal tables.

Teradata error 9392 NONTEMPORAL operations are not allowed with triggered SPs.

Teradata error 9393 Diagnostic CURRENT VALIDTIME SELECT that uses the latest Date/Timestamp is applied on

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Teradata error 8227 Tables in the APPLY TO list were not copied

Teradata error 5 – 52 Messages

Teradata error 3870 Alias name cannot match another table/alias name in FROM clause.


Teradata error 5308 No such referential constraint.

Teradata error 5 – 36 Messages

Teradata error 9012 Operation skipped due to the table/index has containing down regions or was marked down.

Teradata error 2696 Error in the Numeric Data Processor.

Teradata error 5908 Table does not belong to the replication group.


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