Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors 95*

Errors starting with: errors 95*

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errors 95*

Teradata error 9514 Cannot Proceed with DBC Restore, DBC Logons are not enabled.

Teradata error 9531 Override Select Constraint privileges are required for this operation.

Teradata error 9532 Target and save tables do not have identical security constraints.

Teradata error 9533 The revoke statement is illegal.

Teradata error 9534 The NO RLS option is applicable to creating an error table for a protected table only.

Teradata error 9536 RANGE_N defines more than %VSTR result values.

Teradata error 9540 The ExportDefinitionName ’%VSTR’ does not exist.

Teradata error 9541 Diagnostic REWRITEQRY that returns rewritten text is applied on this query.

Teradata error 9542 A security constraint with the name %VSTR already exists.

Teradata error 9543 Database SYSLIB or function SYSLIB.GetTimeZoneDisplacement does not exist.)

Teradata error 9544 The ExportDefinitionName cannot be longer than %VSTR characters.

Teradata error 9545 The ExportDefinitionName value must be a character string.

Teradata error 9546 AT TIME ZONE is not a valid compile option for this ’%VSTR’.

Teradata error 9547 %VSTR can only be qualified by SYSUDTLIB/TD_SYSFNLIB.

Teradata error 9548 Source rows did not include all constraint columns in the source table.

Teradata error 9550 There are no statistics defined for the table.

Teradata error 9551 A left open monitor resource was detected by parser when parsing a SQL request.

Teradata error 9552 statistics cache hit ratio is lower than the threshold set in dbs control internal field.

Teradata error 9553 Cannot create/replace UDF/UDT with the current character set.

Teradata error 9554 Warning: Invalid join index is found.

Teradata error 9555 Single-column PARTITION Statistics are recollected. It is recommanded to collect

Teradata error 9556 Collect SUMMARY statistics natively on the target table.

Teradata error 9557 Collect or refresh single and multicolumn PARTITION Statistics.

Teradata error 9558 Row Level Security operations are not supported on this system.

Teradata error 9559 Temporal operations are not supported on a table without a primary index.

Teradata error 9560 Collect SUMMARY, single and multicolumn PARTITION statistics natively on the target table.

Teradata error 9561 Collect single and multicolumn PARTITION statistics natively on the target table.

Teradata error 9563 Insufficient memory to construct the XML for this request.

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Teradata error 7678 No result set exists for procedure %VSTR

Teradata error TPT13101 Expected data record but none available

Teradata error 2 Bad parameter passed to Access Module API

Teradata error 5115 An attempt was made to generate an invalid row uniq.

Teradata error SYS=systemcode, USER=usercode

Teradata error 2687 The format or data contains a bad character.

Teradata error TPT18146 Error %d allocating memory for Error List buffer


Teradata error TDP9001E ttt LOGOFF FAILED, CODE=ccc, ASID=aaaa. JOB=jjjjjjj. ssssssss.pppppppp


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