Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors SPL20*

Errors starting with: errors SPL20*

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errors SPL20*

Teradata error SPL2001: %s:E(L%d), Undefined symbol '%s'.

Teradata error SPL2006: %s:E(L%d), Multiple definitions of '%s'.

Teradata error SPL2007: %s:E(%d), Unknown statement type.

Teradata error SPL2008, %s:E(%d), Invalid cursor name or extra text after cursor name.

Teradata error SPL2009, %s:E(L%d), INTO list not allowed in the SQL statement.

Teradata error SPL2010: %s:E(L%d), Variable of CHARACTER type expected in PREPARE statement.

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Teradata error 224 EM_NOHOST Name not in HOSTS file or names data base.

Teradata error 3086 The message received by the SesPTsk in invalid.

Teradata error 7 Invalid pmFp parameter

Teradata error TPT3590 Error: in PERIOD datatype. Length specified must be a value between 0-6.

Teradata error 5 – 76 Messages

Teradata error TDP9001E ttt LOGOFF FAILED, CODE=ccc, ASID=aaaa. JOB=jjjjjjj. ssssssss.pppppppp

Teradata error 8106 Database does not exist.

Teradata error TPT2794 Error: %s command ignored, current state: Running

Teradata error 5472 SampleId reference invalid without a SAMPLE Clause.

Teradata error 8293 Restore stopped because the error table is defined with too many columns.

Teradata Database Errors