Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors SWITC*

Errors starting with: errors SWITC*

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errors SWITC*

Teradata error SWITCH RESPONSE

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Teradata error 9285 System-defined join index row has same row as previous row.

Teradata error 9544 The ExportDefinitionName cannot be longer than %VSTR characters.

Teradata error 6 File is open for read operations only

Teradata error 9172 A passed subscript value was outside the bounds of an ARRAY type.

Teradata error TDP1157 DEVICE devnum DOES NOT EXIST

Teradata error 3454 Internal Error: No threads were waiting for count to become zero.

Teradata error 5546 Sampleid cannot be nested inside Ordered Analytical and AGGREGATE Functions.

Teradata error SPL2006: %s:E(L%d), Multiple definitions of '%s'.

Teradata error STOPPED

Teradata error 3 Requested Access Module not found

Teradata Database Errors