Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors SYS=s*

Errors starting with: errors SYS=s*

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errors SYS=s*

Teradata error SYS=systemcode, USER=usercode

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Teradata error 5688 Unwind the stack to the most outer logmark.

Teradata error TDP9001E ttt LOGOFF FAILED, CODE=ccc, ASID=aaaa. JOB=jjjjjjj. ssssssss.pppppppp

Teradata error TPT3724 Error: Resume: could not allocate memory

Teradata error SPL1136: %s:E(L%d), WITH...BY clause cannot be specified in cursor select statement.

Teradata error TPT1538 Error: tlogview could not read the Library Names file

Teradata error TPT2359 Error: Column length does not match the length in schema (possible invalid input data),

Teradata error The job is terminated.

Teradata error 5 – 86 Messages

Teradata error 5699 Internal error: Could not convert a parse tree into text.

Teradata error 3 – 6 Messages

Teradata Database Errors