Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors Sourc*

Errors starting with: errors Sourc*

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errors Sourc*

Teradata error Source length: . Storage size: .

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Teradata error Sufficient permission was not available.

Teradata error 15022 AMP vproc %d does not have a valid TVS vproc assignment.

Teradata error 7724: The RepDDL message indicates fewer DDL chunks than already received.

Teradata error 2733 Primary and fallback RI row checksums do not match.


Teradata error TPT3590 Error: in PERIOD datatype. Length specified must be a value between 0-6.

Teradata error TPT3618 Error: Insufficient main storage for attempted allocation of multi-value columns, status = %s

Teradata error TDP9001E ttt LOGOFF FAILED, CODE=ccc, ASID=aaaa. JOB=jjjjjjj. ssssssss.pppppppp

Teradata error 3752 Too many digits in exponent.

Teradata error TERMINATING

Teradata Database Errors