Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors TPT18*

Errors starting with: errors TPT18*

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errors TPT18*

Teradata error TPT18146 Error %d allocating memory for Error List buffer

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Teradata error 9403 The specified security constraint %VSTR does not exist.

Teradata error 2758 USI row out of order.

Teradata error 240 EM_INVPCLGSSRSP Invalid parcel received when establishing a security context.

Teradata error 3527 Format string ’%VSTR’ has combination of numeric, character and GRAPHIC values.

Teradata error SQL conversion scripts to complete the restore: %s.

Teradata error TDP9903 I/O ERROR DATA

Teradata error 3932 Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement.

Teradata error 15514 Entry does not exist

Teradata error 5571 Target samples not found.

Teradata error SWITCH RESPONSE

Teradata Database Errors