Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors The O*

Errors starting with: errors The O*

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errors The O*

Teradata error The OLE DB AXSMOD was entered on a different thread. This is not supported.

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Teradata error TDP2338 cpname REQUEST WAS CORRUPTED, SESSION nnnn, REQUEST nnnn

Teradata error 24 Request unsupported by Access Module

Teradata error 2574 Operation not allowed: %DBID.%FSTR is being MLoaded.


Teradata error TDP2209 DEVICE devnum: UNABLE TO PURGE I/O, CODE(code), INFO(info)

Teradata error 2658 Data type conversion is not supported in Fast Load.

Teradata error 10518 Channel is already linked to a mailbox.

Teradata error TPT1207 Error: Inconsistent node count

Teradata error 5850 BEFORE statement triggers are not supported.

Teradata error 9391 MultiLoad utility does not support load operations on temporal tables.

Teradata Database Errors