Teradata Database Errors

Teradata Database Errors starting with: errors There*

Errors starting with: errors There*

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errors There*

Teradata error Therefore, the ALL PARTITIONS option will not be allowed when doing a restore/copy.

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Teradata error 6714 Internal error: Reference to undefined value in collation file.

Teradata error TDP0417 SESSION sessionnumber HAD BEEN MANUALLY ROLLED BACK.

Teradata error TDP0578 sessionstatus ELAPSED: hh:mm:ss.t

Teradata error SWITCH RESPONSE


Teradata error 6662 Tables containing Large Objects and User Defined Data Types cannot be copied

Teradata error 7437 Table header not found for a materialized temporary table.

Teradata error 17 Buffer overflow

Teradata error TPT2329 Error: %s: length in column schema = %d

Teradata error 208 EM_NOTIDLE Not ready to accept new request.

Teradata Database Errors